Why Onsite Testing? 

Do you currently send an employee to an urgent care? Does a manager need to go with them, taking away time from their productivity? Or do you have a large group of employees that need to be tested before every large project and you lose an entire day waiting in an urgent care to complete these tests? WE CAN HELP! 


You are one phone call away from setting up an appointment and having all of your employees tested at your place of work and done in a snap! Your worries about getting a donor to a testing facility or paying them to wait for possibly hours to be tested is in the past.  In most cases it only takes 5-10 minutes per donor to complete a drug test. When we come to you, there is no wait time, no fuss over paperwork, and a reduction in the opportunity for a donor to cheat a test.


Already have a lab account but your donor doesn't have access to a chain of custody form? We will modify a chain of custody to your company information and get the job done!

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